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Top Discharge Rotary Compressor Quiet Air High Efficiency Heat Pump

Good quality Ground Source Heat Pump for sales
Good quality Ground Source Heat Pump for sales
The EVI heat pump are running well for this winter. Thank you for your kind supports of training our install people!

—— Richard J. Roos

Best heat pump that I have bought from China, perfect performance and good after sales support!

—— Carl Eriksson

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Top Discharge Rotary Compressor Quiet Air High Efficiency Heat Pump

China Top Discharge Rotary Compressor Quiet Air High Efficiency Heat Pump supplier

Large Image :  Top Discharge Rotary Compressor Quiet Air High Efficiency Heat Pump

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Power World
Certification: CE, EMC, EMF, ROHS, ERP, SAA, EN14185
Model Number: PF-050DC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: USD 1300~2636 Per Unit
Packaging Details: Plywood
Delivery Time: Shipped in 20 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, , T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000 Units per/year
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Detailed Product Description
Compressor: Copeland Expansion Valve: Danfoss / Emerson
Refrigerant: R410A COP: 3.96
Rated Current: 17.6A High-Voltage Switch: 3.0/3.6MPa
Mounting Type: Freestanding Meterial: Spray Coating, Stainless Steel
Storage Or Instant: Storage Applicable Place: Factory, Hospital, College, Hotel, Villas, Salon, Leisure Center
Condenser: Tube In Tube Heat Exchanger Controller: Dual System (Motorola Chip)
Low-Voltage Switch: 0.05/0.15MPa Power Supply: 380V/50HZ

A++ Energy Label DC Air To Water Monobloc Inverter Heat Pump -25 With German AC Contactor


The Power World product range is very diverse and fully tailored to our customers' needs. From detached single-family homes to commercial buildings - PowerWorld heat pumps cover groundwater and water/water with heating outputs from 7kW to 115kW and air source heat pumps from 2kW to 110kW.


DC Inverter Air To Water Heat Pumps Parameters:

DC Inverter Heat Pump for cooling heating and DHW
Product model PF-030DC PF-050DC
Cooling Cooling capacity(kW) 7.7 12.8
Cooling capacity Min / Max(kW) 4.9/8.9 8.2/14.8
Cooling input power(kW) 2.6 4.2
Cooling input power Min / Max (kW) 1.5/3.7 2.5/6.0
Rated current (A) 12.7 20.5
Current Min / Max (A) 7.3/18.1 12.2/29.3
EER 2.96 3.05
EER Min / Max 2.41/3.27 2.47/3.28
Heating Heating capacity(kW) 10.2 16.5
Heating capacity Min / Max (kW) 6.65/13.3 10.7/21.5
Heating input power(kW) 2.4 3.9
Heating input power Min / Max (kW) 1.4/3.6 2.2/5.9
Rated current (A) 11.7 19
Current Min / Max (A) 6.8/17.6 10.7/28.7
COP 4.25 4.23
COP Min / Max 3.69/4.75 3.65/4.9
DHW Heating capacity(kW) 8.3 13.5
Heating capacity Min / Max (kW) 5.4/10.8 8.8/17.6
Heating input power(kW) 2.5 4.1
Heating input power Min / Max (kW) 1.4/3.8 2.3/6.2
Rated current (A) 12 20
Current Min / Max (A) 6.8/18.5 11.2/30.2
COP 3.32 3.29
COP Min / Max 2.84/3.86 2.84/3.83
Refrigerant R410A
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Working area -20~43℃
Water circulation (m³/H) 1.75 2.84
Water pressure drop (kPa) 25 30
IP Grade (Level of protection) IPX4 IPX4
Anti-electric shock Rate I I
Noise (dB(A)) ≤53 ≤58
Net weight/Gross weight(kg) 125/135 155/165
Diameter of pipe (mm) DN25 DN25
Body size(W*D*H) 1115*425*710 1110*490*1260
Packing size(W*D*H) 1180*480*850 1180*540*1390
Loading quantity (20GP/40GP/40HQ) 48/100/150 18/42/42
Remark: Cooling working condition:Inlet water temperature 12℃, Outlet water temperature 7℃, Dry bulb temperature 35℃, Wet bulb temperature 24℃.
Heating working condition: Inlet water temperature 30℃, Outlet water temperature 35℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature6℃.
DHW working condition: Inlet water temperature 15℃, Outlet water temperature 55℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature 6℃.



Heat pumps

Energy-saving, cost-effective, sustainable and with a guaranteed future – those are the principal features associated with a modern, properly installed heat pump. OCHSNER heat pumps offer critical advantages for heating, cooling and hot water heating. And the system is extremely simple:
The heat pump uses ambient heat which is stored in the air, water and ground – natural heat sources. Much of this environmental energy comes from the sun, but heat also comes from deep within the ground. These renewable energies are heated from a low to a higher temperature level by means of sophisticated technology, making them suitable for heating purposes.


How Do The DC Inverter AIR – WATER Heat Pumps Operate

The whole system consists of the external and internal unit. The external unit with evaporator and fan is placed outside and it sucks ambient air. At that moment, liquid coolant is injected to the external unit via the expansion valve. Flowing air heat is transferred to the coolant in the evaporator. So its state changes to gas state. The coolant in gas state proceeds to the internal unit, concretely to the compressor where it is pressed. While the coolant is pressed in the compressor, the pressure increases and so increases the temperature. In this way, the original low-potential heat of the coolant taken from the external air increases to the level suitable for heating or water heating. The coolant of high temperature then proceeds to the condenser and transfers heat to water of lower temperature there. In this way, the coolant is cooled down and condensation occurs. Heated water that accepted heat from the coolant goes to radiators or floor heating and emits the heat to a room. The condensed coolant passes via the sub-cooling exchanger to the external unit and the whole cycle repeats.


Exchanger (high-pressure part), the gas cools down and condensates
2. Expansion valve, the liquid expands and cools down
3. Evaporator (low-pressure part), the liquid evaporates and changes its state to gas
4. Compressor, the gas is pressed and it heats up

Red section = high pressure
Blue section = low pressure



Heat pumps operate on the same principles as a refrigerator - except that the process is reversed. A heat pump extracts some of the thermal energy stored in the ground or in the groundwater (this stored energy is constantly replenished) and converts it into space heating.

The system works all year round. Below a certain depth the ambient temperature and the temperature of the groundwater are no longer affected by seasonal changes.

Passive Cooling

During the summer, your Weider heat pump can be combined with an additional cooling set (optional accessory) to reduce the room temperature by around 2-4 °C. The water in your underfloor heating system absorbs the thermal energy, and this is then dissipated into the ground via the heat pump. Only the economical recirculation pumps need to run for this to work, so the compressor can remain switched off and does not consume any electricity.


DC Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters Features:

1. DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump adopt DC Inverter compressor,
DC Inverter motor,When the system start,the compressor is running rapidly to make the room temperature reach the setting temperature,When the room reach its setting temperature,the system will keep its setting temperature effectively and accurately by controlling the compressor and motor's running speed,no need use more electricity.


2.DC Inverter technique achieve the machine's big power and high energy efficiency rate,COP 30% Higher than Normal heat pump,It has features of good running economy and work stability.


3. Designed as Split Type , Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit be Connected by Copper pipe,Installation With Simple,Flexible and Conveniently ,The Indoor Unit can be Installed in Kitchen, Bathroom or basement, Ensuring less Energy loss, Also Prevent Water Pipes From Freezing in Cold Winter and sun Exposure in hot Summer.


4. Indoor Unit Mainly Components Includes:SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger,Controller,Wilo & Grundfos Cycle water Pump,Differential Pressure Flow Switch,Electric Three Way Valve, Auxiliary Heating and so on parts.


5. Outdoor Unit Mainly Components Includes:DC Inverter Compressor,Evaporator,Panasonic DC Inverter Motor,Additional Plate Heat Exchanger,Controller,Expansion Valve,Four way valve,Refrigerant valve and De-Ice Heater so on parts.
6. Using and MITSUBISHI Rotary Twin-Cylinder DC Inverter Compressor and HITACHI DC Inverter EVI System Scroll Compressor ,Green Environment, High-Efficiency,Providing Wonderful Performance and Reliability.




DC Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater Photos:






Packaging & Shipping

Heat Pump Water Heater Production Line

production line




Company Information

Three Advantages Comparing with Our Peers

1. Exquisite Components

1.01 Copeland Compressor:

High coefficient of performance over 15-year working, free from normal abrasion various protection system, ensure unit to run smoothly: over current&temp. protecting, high&low voltage protecting. Resist liquid hammer strongly and run steadily in bad condition.

1.02 T6 Fan:

Well selected axial T6 fan motor combined with large fan blade, which provide heavy air blow at low rotate speed, reducing vibration and noise.

1.03 Danfoss / Emerson Electric Expansion Valve:

Danfoss 500 steps Electronic Expansion valve, with more precise control of refrigerant flow system, which optimize heat pump working capacity and efficiency under different ambient conditions.

1.04 High Efficient Tube in Shell / Tube in tube Condenser (heat exchanger)

Optimize design of both inner and outer screwed tube, it helps to increase heating exchange efficiency, and provide better heating capacity. The special design of liquid refrigerant circulating tube on the bottom of condenser ensures the heat pump system run smoothly in severe working condition.

1.05 Original DuPont Refrigerant

Original DuPont refrigerant, better efficient and ECO friendly, ensure heat pump run reliably and smoothly.

1.06 Advanced welding technology

Nitrogen-welding technology purifies the refrigerant pipe system to avoid the inner residue damages to the compressor; with extra superior welding flux, it makes welding junction steadier, reduce oxidation of copper pipe, prevent gas leakage.

1.07 Outfitting both liquid-storage & gas-liquid separator

Our heat pump outfitting both liquid-storage and gas-liquid separator ensures units run smoothly in different kinds of extreme hostile environment.

1.08 Eaton (USA) AC contactor & Thermal relay

High quality contactor and thermal relay can freely turn on/off more than 100,000 times.

1.09 Humanized PCB Design

Military level PCB components, intelligent controlling program reinforced a reliable operation of the heat pump unit. Special colored wiring design on the PCB provides great convenience in installation and further maintenance.

1.10 Wide Voltage Transformer

220V-240V AC, 50/60Hz wide voltage transformer in case of voltage fluctuation, ensures unit work smoothly. Current transformer protecting over-current ensure unit working current more accurate.

1.11 Aerial Noise Isolated Material

By using high quality aerial noise isolated material, noise and vibration is avoided perfectly.

2. Manufacturing Process of Power World Heat Pump:

2.01 Heat Preservations

2.01.02 Copper Tube Heat Preservation.

2.01.03 Double Valves Heat Preservation

2.01.04 Condenser Heat Preservation

2.01.05 Tube System Case Heat Preservation & Soundproof Craft

2.02 Five Brazing Welding Connection Crafts:

2.02.01 Pipeline Nitrogen Pre-brazing

2.02.02 Assembly Nitrogen Pre-brazing

2.02.03 Machine Assembly Line Welding

2.02.04 Evaporator Elbow Auto Welding

2.02.05 Shunt Manual Welding

2.03 Evaporator Shock-absorption & Soundproof Technology

2.04 Raw Material Purchasing & Supplier Audit

2.05 Capillary Tube Frication & Heat Preservation Technology

2.06 Electronic Case Waterproof Proceed

2.07 Heat Pump Inner Tube Configuration Design Proceed

2.08 Ni-Cr Welding Wire Connection & Triple Heat-Shrink Tube Heat Treatment, Waterproof & Heat Preservation Processing

3. Inspection & Test:

3.01 24 Hour All-ambient-temp. Simulation Independent Laboratory

a. High Temp. Drying/Heating Laboratory




1. Since 1994 and STOCK Listed at 2014.

2. Top ten manufacture of air source heat pump in China.

3. Many new styles available and we can customize according to your requirement.
4. Visit the factory at any time.
5. All of our products pass the certificates (ERP Energy label & Certificate, CE, ROHS, CB, SAA, EN14511 etc)
6. All Heat Pumps “high efficiency” “energy saving” “environmental-friendly”.
7. Superior quality with competitive price.


Our service


1. 24 hours after sales service.

2. Follow up your orders and inform the cargo status every 2 days.

3. New products or promotional activity are offered to you preodically .

4. Professional advice will be offered to you for selecting suitable units.


Payment and Return Policy


1. payment: West Union, bank transfer T/T, L/C, money gram etc.
2. If the total purchase amount is more than USD800000/year, then 3% discount can be offered to you extra.
3. 1% spare parts free in charge are offered to you based on container order.




containers shipping-02




Company Introduction:


Company Name: Shenzhen Power World New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Products Range: Air/water/ground source heat pump water heater, cooling, heating, hot water

Year established: 2004
Factory size:20,000square meters
Number of employee: 250+
Production line: 5
R&D team stuff: 30+
Production capacity: 20,000-100,000 units,can work over time if more order quantity.
Annual turnover: 50 million-100 million
Market: Europe, South Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, USA
Certification: CE, CB, ERP, GS, RoHS, SAA, EN14511, EN14825, passed on Quality system: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2001 attestation,
Prize & honor: China top 10 leading brand manufacturer, ShenZhen high technology enterprise, national patent certificate, invention patent, utility model patent.

Contact Details
Shenzhen Power World New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mrs. Ida Ray

Tel: 86-0769-89979297

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