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November 25, 2020

How to antifreeze and clean the Air source heat pump?

1.Air source heat pump electric auxiliary heating?



Some air source heat pump equipment has electric auxiliary heating, that is the air source heat pump hot water unit using PTC electric auxiliary heating, which can change the heat generation according to the change of the room temperature and the air volume of the indoor unit, thereby adjusting the indoor temperature to achieve rapid , The purpose of strong heating.



Generally speaking, the cold weather in the north poses a severe test for the heating performance of air source hot water heat pump units. Some manufacturers have a period of time for air source heat pump technology research and development, or do not have the capital research and development capabilities, which leads to the inefficient operation of air source heating. The hot water and heating effect are not ideal. In this case, the air source needs the electric auxiliary heating function. Due to the adjustment and auxiliary effect of the electric auxiliary heating on the heat generation of the air energy, it has overcome the technical shortcomings of some air energy manufacturers and can make their air energy products Used in very cold areas. The following are the reasons and anti-freezing measures of the air source heat pump unit that I have compiled for you.



A.Common reasons for freezing and cracking of air source heat pump units:



①When the temperature is lower than -5°C, if the Power-off time more than 4 hours, it is likely to cause the heat exchanger to freeze and crack. Therefore, when it is judged that the power supply may need to be cut off for a long time, all the water in the pipelines of the air energy heat pump unit, water pump, and outdoor air source heat pump should be drained to prevent the air source heat pump unit from freezing;



②Because the design of each manufacturer's machine is different, some machine motherboards do not have the anti-freeze protection function. Once a failure occurs, it may cause the heat exchange tube to freeze and crack;



③If the water flow switch is not installed or the water flow switch is short-circuited, it is very likely that the air source heat pump unit will freeze and crack;



B.Antifreeze measures for air source heat pumps in winter:



1.Strengthen the insulation effect of the pipeline;

2.Do not power off the air source heat pump unit easily;

3.Add ethanol alcohol to the aqueous solution in system ;

4.Condensate water should be properly handled in time;

5.Open the three-way inlet and outlet, and install a drain valve;

6.Add antifreeze to the system;

7.Clean up debris and snow around the air source heat pump unit in time.




2.The cleaning method of air source heat pump hot water system



A.Before cleaning the heat pump hot water system, you need to manually turn off the power, close the water inlet valve, open the water outlet valve, open the safety valve and turn the drain valve 90 degrees counterclockwise to discharge the water volume of the air energy heat pump hot water system to an appropriate amount. The water storage tank stores an appropriate amount of water, the water volume is kept circulating, and close the water outlet valve and drain valve. Pour the descaling agent of the air source heat pump hot water system into the storage bucket according to the ratio of 1:5-10, and the circulation is even. Turn on the host computer of air source heat pump, circulate for 2-3 hours, and check the pH value (or Ca2 concentration) of the descaling solution. When the PH value no longer changes or the Ca2 concentration no longer increases, add one-tenth of the original cleaning dose, test the pH value or the Ca2 concentration, continue cleaning for 30 minutes, and measure the pH value increase or the Ca2 concentration If it becomes larger, it means that the scale has not been removed and needs to continue descaling. If there is no change, it means that the scale has been removed.



B.After the descaling of the heat pump hot water system is completed, add an appropriate amount of acid cleaning neutralizer, and when the pH value of the neutralized waste liquid is adjusted to 7-8, open the drain valve to drain the cleaning waste liquid. Close the drain valve, open the water supply switch, inject an appropriate amount of clean water, cycle cleaning for half an hour, and then discharge, repeat the above process 2-3 times, then the cleaning is over.


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