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April 16, 2021

Power World commercial DC inverter module series are shockingly launched ,create a new situation in the industry


Where is the next stop for air source heat pump companies? Continue to stick to the traditional heat pump field, or continue to extend the company's business on the basis of doing a good job in the existing business? At this year's Refrigeration Exhibition, Power World has pointed out the direction for the transformation and development of the industry with brand-new cross-field and new products.




Time: the morning of 7th April

Coordinates: Shanghai New International Expo Center



Power World Clean Central Air Conditioning took advantage of the 32nd China Refrigeration Exhibition to hold the launch ceremony of commercial full DC inverter module series units. This event not only attracted the attention of participating dealers, but also attracted brand companies in the industry to come to exchange and learn.



In the gap between the press conference, many HVAC distributors went to the Power World booth to learn more about the situation of each category of units.




In his speech at the launch ceremony,the Chairman of Power World, Li Xianghong stated that Power World has a clear understanding of the development trend of HVAC and heat pumps during the 17 years of work on air source heat pumps. This time, Power World has entered the central air-conditioning field with many new products. Especially focusing on the field of clean air-conditioning, it is also under the advocacy of the country's great health, and under the high-efficiency and energy-saving macro policy, to actively connect with the clean solutions required by the market. At the same time, it also wants to explore the development path of the heat pump industry brands in the large HVAC field through this move, break the bottleneck restricting the upward development of the heat pump industry, and allow the industry to grow faster.



It is worth mentioning that the first modular unit of Power World central air-conditioning unit is a large-scale 80P equipment. This is the first time in the heat pump industry. With the gradual increase in the application of large-scale units in commercial projects, it has a great impact on the development of the industry. Good guidance and promotion. With the gradual increase in the application of frequency conversion technology in modular machines, more and more brands will join it. On the one hand, it can raise the barriers to entry for the industry, and on the other hand, it will also establish a watershed for powerful brands to allow more industries The backbone is investing more energy in technological innovation and product research and development.




As a new army of heat pumps entering the central air-conditioning industry for the first time, Power World does not have a beard and eyebrows, and does all products. Instead, it aims at purification and modular machines for planned, targeted and accurate cuts, and continues to develop on the basis of related demonstration projects. Other categories are extended and gradually gain a place in the industry through series of products and mature solutions. And it cooperates with the traditional heat pump hot water, heating, and drying to open up a new situation for Power World to operate in the market.

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