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December 3, 2020

What are the advantages of air Source heat pump water heaters?


The invention of water heaters has greatly improved and facilitated the comfort of people's lives. With the development of technology, the birth of air source water heaters has given users more choices. What are the advantages of air source water heaters?


Multiple sets of air source water heaters are installed in combination to establish a central hot water system. Multiple sets of heat pump units of the same model can be used in parallel to ensure that the entire set of water heaters work together to meet peak hot water consumption requirements and provide a guarantee for large amounts of hot water. When the hot water consumption is low, you can only use one set of hot water pump units and turn off the others. You can also turn off one of the heat pump units during maintenance without affecting other heat pump units to continue to provide hot water.


Good safety performance, no hidden dangers: Unlike electric and gas water heaters, it uses indirect heating to exchange heat with water, and there are no safety risks such as electric leakage and gas leakage.


It has a wide range of applications, the applicable temperature range is -7 to 40°C, and it can be used all-weather throughout the year without being affected by bad weather such as cloudy, rain, snow and winter nights, and it can be used normally. It can be heated continuously. Compared with the traditional solar water storage type, the air source water heater can be continuously heated to continuously supply hot water to meet the needs of users.


Stable performance, not affected by the environment, the product runs around the clock throughout the year, and is not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain and snow, and it can produce hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Low operating cost: The energy-saving effect is outstanding, and the investment return period is short. Compared with conventional products, this product can save 70% of energy; compared with gas, electric and electric auxiliary heating solar water heaters, the annual cost is low.


It is suitable for hot water projects of various groups, and can realize unattended and fully automatic operation. The centralized hot water supply is equipped with water temperature and water level display.


Convenience: The air source water heater occupies a small space, and its appearance is similar to that of an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. It can be directly connected to an insulation water tank or connected to a heating pipe network. It is suitable for high-rise buildings in large and medium-sized cities. It is the best for large-scale central heating problems. select. It does not require solar collectors, reducing the floor area by 95%, and supporting the use of solar hot water equipment can reduce the area of ​​solar collectors by 50%, saving a lot of solar collectors, and reducing the volume of hot water storage tanks.


The air source water heater realizes system operation automation; automatic operation, no need to watch, comes with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically replenish water, heat, and cut off electricity, and can provide hot water for 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.


Environmentally friendly products, no pollution, no burning effluents, no harm to the human body, and good social benefits.


Long service life, low maintenance cost, service life of more than 15 years, and stable equipment performance. The operation is safe and the degree of automation is high. The air source water heater adopts indirect heating mode, which is safe and reliable in operation and has a high degree of automation.

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